Financing at Danco Modern

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Take advantage of attractive financing options and special offers with the Danco Modern Preferred Customer Card.

Danco Modern is now offering 12-months interest free financing through Synchrony Financial, formerly GE Capital. 

Here’s how it works:

12-Month interest free financing may be applied to all transactions placed on your Preferred Customer Card.

Regular monthly statements will be received from Synchrony Financial upon your first transaction on your card. In the event you have two (2) or more separate transaction dates (see note below), these transactions will appear separately on your statement.

Regular minimum monthly payments are required during the promotional period (minimum as of 03/12/2012 is 3.75% of the balance or $25, whichever is greater).  Monthly payments must be made directly to GE Capital.  Payments cannot be made at Danco Modern.  Late fees will be applied to any late payments.

Please make special note that if the balance is not paid in full within the  12 month promotional period, interest will be imposed from the purchase date at the applicable rate of 29.99% (as of 03/12/2012).

Please Note:  For items which are to be special ordered, you may place your initial deposit on the card, with the balance placed on the card once items are delivered.  This will result in multiple transactions, and thus, multiple 12-Months Interest Free periods.

Issuance of Preferred Customer Cards is subject to application and credit approval.  Once approved, please see your Cardholder Agreement for complete account information for full disclosure.

This financing opportunity is excellent for those who wish to pay the purchase balance in full within 12 months.