Stressless Liberty Low-Back Loveseat

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Stressless Liberty combines timeless design with premium comfort. With soft cushions and adjustable seating, your needs are covered on all levels. It has never been easier to sit or lie comfortably. Available as high- or low-back.

Dimensions: Width: 70”, Height: 34-3/4”, Depth: 34-3/4”, Seat Height: 17-3/4”

Product Description

The Stressless Liberty sofa is built with perforated foam molded directly over the frame. The indentations in our new Comfort-Zones technology allows your body to sink deeper into the seat, giving you an enhanced feeling of personal comfort. An additional pad of soft space-age foam ensures optimum comfort. The super-soft polyester fiber cushions your body and ensures an attractive look.

  • The Plus system adjusts the lumbar support along with the headrest to give you perfect support in any position
  • The Stressless Glide wheels let's you adjust to the most comfortable position simply by using your body weight
  • Comfort Zones give you the best seating comfort in any position

Assembled in the U.S.
This item is currently assembled in the U.S. and is available for customized Fast Track shipping in all leather, fabric, wood, and leg combinations.

Additional Information

Size Large
Colors Available 52 leathers and 98 fabrics
Dimensions Width: 70”, Height: 34-3/4”, Depth: 34-3/4”, Seat Height: 17-3/4”
Manufacturer Stressless
Where It's Made Norway
Type Reclining, Low-back