$150 - $350 Off Stressless

$350 Off the Mayfair Recliner in stocked colors | Or $150 Off other Recliners, Sofas or Office Chairs

The full discount is $400 or $200, but Stressless requires consumers to make a $50 tax-deductible donation to our charity, the United Way.
So the final discount is $350 or $150. You'll receive a thank you letter for your donation.


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  • Sun 3 Seat Sofa 4023/3

    The Home Collection by Sun Cabinet Co. Ltd. Features high quality wooden furniture, created with tender loving care in contemporary European styling.

    The designs are classic and modern European. The superb workmanship utilizes the renowned skills of Sun Cabinet craftsmen, combined with modern technology to produce seating that is as functional as it is elegant.

    Imported fabric and regulation compliant foams are used to create durable and comfortable sofa cushions.

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