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  • Stressless Wave Low-Back Sofa
    Starting at $2,995.00

    Clean lines, individually reclining seats and mid-to-soft padding makes the Wave one of the most appealing models in the Stressless collection. With its transitional styling and five available feet types in wood or steel, the Wave fits in most home or office settings.

  • Stressless Legend Low-Back Sofa
    Starting at $4,595.00

    The Stressless Legend features unique cushioning that feels sumptious and luxurious as it embraces and supports your body. The specially designed foam and the Stressless glide system adjusts smoothly to your body.

  • Stressless Buckingham Low-Back Sofa
    Starting at $4,095.00

    Inspired by some of London's most chic addresses, the Stressless Buckingham (large) collection is as sleek as the name suggests.

  • Ekornes Manhattan Sofa
    Starting at $2,595.00

    Refined with the gently sloping contours, the Manhattan is a stunning example of an original Stressless design. Fixed back, curved wood finishes, and supportive, ergonomic seats. A classic design.

  • Stressless Windsor Low-Back Sofa
    Starting at $4,195.00

    Inspired by some of London's most chic addresses, the Stressless Windsor (large) and it's sibling Stressless Buckingham (medium) collections are as sleek as their names suggest. This classic collection delivers all of the comfort you would expect from Stressless with all of the style you would expect from the British capitol. With gentle curves, padded arms and a supple seat, these sofas offer an invitation to pure relaxation. The Stressless Buckingham and Windsor sofas each have individually reclining seats coupled with our patented Stressless Glide System, ensuring maximum support for the entire body. See how lovely comfort can be.

  • Stressless Liberty Low-Back Sofa
    Starting at $4,495.00

    Stressless Liberty combines timeless design with premium comfort. With soft cushions and adjustable seating, your needs are covered on all levels. It has never been easier to sit or lie comfortably. Available as high- or low-back.

  • Stressless Eldorado Low-Back Sofa
    Starting at $4,695.00

    Designed with comfort in mind, the Stressless Eldorado surpasses all expectations. With rounded contours, plush cushioning and curved arms, the Eldorado sofas are truly opulent. This collection delivers superior support and unprecedented comfort.

  • Stressless Arion Low-Back Sofa
    Starting at $4,195.00

    Stylish yet comfortable, the Stressless Arion sofa is the most versatile model in our collection. The Arion delivers all of the comfort you would expect from Stressless with timeless lines that suit every room. Popular for building custom home theater seating, the Stressless Arion comes with the patented Glide and Plus systems responding to your body's slightest movement. Enjoy home entertainment in the best comfort available. Coupled with individually reclining seats and, this collection delivers superior support and unparalleled comfort. You may also combine Arion with our Medium Corner for the perfect sectional.

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