Stressless E300 Loveseat


Through May 29, receive a free Stressless table or accessory with all Stressless Recliners or Sofas. For this sofa the options are:

  • Enigma Table - Normally $895
  • Windsor Table - Normally $1,395
  • Large Urban Table - Normally $795
  • Small Urban Table - Normally $595
  • Style Side Table - Normally $355
  • Style Sofa Table - Normally $525
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  • Alpha Table Glass - Normally $495
  • Alpha Table Wood - Normally $495
  • Easy Arm Table - Normally $225

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The E300's simple lines and classic proportions express very best of contemporary Scandinavian design. But the key to this model's comfort is the ErgoAdapt system, which keeps your body in the ideal sitting position, the curved armrests, and the soft back cushions filled with a mixture of fiber and down.

Dimensions: Width: 72-1/2”, Height: 28-3/4”, Depth: 38-1/4”, Seat Height: 18”

Product Description

Innovative and elegant, the Stressless E300 is more beautiful than you can imagine and more comfortable than you can conceive. In addition to the design and quality that Stressless sofas are famous for, the E300 is equipped with the Stressless patented ErgoAdapt® system. Created by Stressless, ErgoAdapt allows the cushion of the sofa to tilt down automatically the moment you take a seat placing your body in the perfect sitting position. The brilliance of ErgoAdapt is that if you prefer to lie down on your sofa, the cushion automatically elevates to a flat position, placing your body in the perfect lying position. The graceful lines and classic proportions make the E300 the choice of those who want the very best of modern Scandinavian design. With the Stressless E300 you can choose between different back cushions and get your own combination of colors and upholstery in fabric or leather. The back cushions are filled with a mixture of fiber and down.

Assembled in the US, Built in Norway
This item is currently assembled in the U.S. and is available for customized Fast Track shipping in all leather, fabric, wood, and leg combinations.

Additional Information

Colors Available 52 leathers and 98 fabrics
Dimensions Width: 72-1/2”, Height: 28-3/4”, Depth: 38-1/4”, Seat Height: 18”
Manufacturer Stressless
Where It's Made Norway
Type Reclining