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  • Stressless Mayfair Signature Recliner & Ottoman
    Starting at $3,095.00
    Appearance-wise, Stressless Mayfair has that classic Stressless look you’ve come to recognize – elegant and laidback. Its cushioning is extra supple and comfortable, and contributes to making this one of our top sellers. The steel frame is set with Flexo-springs, which gives it a durable build and extra sitting comfort. Molded polyurethane cold foam with Comfort Zones gives your body exactly the right amount of support, and our plush polyester fibers provide that gentle touch of luxury. Choose between real leather and fabrics to find your favorite finish.
  • Stressless Consul Signature Recliner & Ottoman
    Starting at $2,195.00
    Although this is the most affordable Stressless model, it offers the patented features, comfort and support that have made Stressless famous. Firm padding, excellent lumbar support, contemporary to traditional styling, bucket seat.
  • Stressless Reno Signature Recliner & Ottoman

    Regular Price: $3,295.00

    Special Price $2,995.00

    Stressless Reno, with its soft padding and height adjustable neck support, has been a people’s favorite for years. Being one of our most popular models, it has become the symbol of what a great recliner should be; a comfortable, well-designed and durable piece of furniture, which gives you that great Stressless experience year after year.
  • Stressless Magic Signature Recliner & Ottoman
    Starting at $3,795.00
    Many of our customers regard the Magic as the most comfortable Stressless recliner. And it's certainly on of the best looking, especially with the Signature base. The shape of the seat and back literally envelopes you, supporting your whole body in any position.
  • Stressless Sunrise Signature Recliner & Ottoman
    Starting at $2,795.00
    Sunrise is a classic Stressless design for those pleasant morning moments. Our patented Plus-system makes sure you have full back and lumbar support in all positions. The ottoman has a built in glide function, which follows your legs as they angle. This makes the world’s most comfortable recliner even more of a revelation.
  • Stressless Wing Signature Recliner & Ottoman
    Starting at $2,895.00
    Defined by its excellent neck and lumbar support, and high back, this model features medium-soft padding, a bucket seat and modern styling. Great for a nap.
  • Stressless Skyline Signature Recliner & Ottoman
    Starting at $3,695.00
    When designing Stressless Skyline, we sought out the balance between modern and traditional, which gives it an affinity to almost every environment. The Stressless Skyline recliner gets its distinctive looks from a retro-inspired, yet modern pillow design. The sitting experience matches any Stressless, and looks after your whole body. The comfortable neck rest can be adjusted up to 10 cm to support users with a longer back.
  • Stressless Nordic Signature Recliner & Ottoman
    Starting at $3,095.00
    Nordic design is all about simple, clean lines – modern, yet timeless. Stressless Nordic’s soft and contemporary aesthetics look great alongside several of the Stressless sofa models. The sitting comfort is of course on par with all our Stressless models, made possible through the patented features that only a genuine Stressless gives you.
  • Stressless View Signature Recliner & Ottoman
    Starting at $3,695.00
    Stressless View has ample cushioning, while retaining a timeless and modern pillow design with sleek contours. This model has a longer and slimmer back, great for those of us who carry a few extra inches. The recliner also has an elegant and comfortable neck support, which can be adapted to users of a variety of heights.

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